Francesco Mantegazza - Associate Professor

Francesco Mantegazza - Dimet 150x150 Department and institution: School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milano Bicocca
tel. +39 02 6448 8209
Curriculum Vitae
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Keywords: Nanomedicine, Nanoparticles, Single Molecule Spectroscopy, Dna-Protein Interactions, Biophysics

Main topics of the group

    In the frame of his biophysical activity, F. Mantegazza developed a Magnetic Tweezers system for the study of DNA nanomechanics. By using these techniques F. Mantegazza studied the activity of antitumor drugs, which exert their activity by strongly binding on the DNA molecules. Such results were confirmed by AFM and single molecule fluorescence experiments. Furthermore by using Magnetic Tweezers techniques, F. Mantegazza analysed the onset of DNA instability under specific external applied force and imposed twist values, which was revealed by an increase in the temporal fluctuations in the DNA extension. These fluctuations occur in the presence of a continuous interval of equilibrium states, ranging from a plectonemic state to a state characterized by denaturation bubbles.
    F. Mantegazza also developed combined light scattering, fluorescence and AFM techniques for the study of the aggregation behavior of Abeta peptides and liposomes.

Internal and external collaborators

Selected pubblications

    F. Mantegazza is author of more then 70 scientific international publications with referee.
    1. A. Ghetta, D. Prosperi, F. Mantegazza, L. Panza, S. Riva, T. Bellini, “Light scattered by model phantom bacteria reveals molecular interactions at their surface”Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 102, 15866-15870, (2005).
    2. D. Salerno, D. Brogioli, V. Cassina, D. Turchi, G.L. Beretta, D. Seruggia, R. Ziano, F. Zunino, F. Mantegazza, “Magnetic tweezers measurements of the nanomechanical properties of DNA in the presence of drugs”. Nucleic Acids Research, 38, 7089-7099, (2010)
    3. V. Cassina, D. Seruggia, G. L. Beretta, D. Salerno, D. Brogioli, S. Manzini, F. Zunino and F. Mantegazza “Atomic force microscopy study of DNA conformation in the presence of drugs” European Biophysics Journal, 40, 59-68, (2010)
    4. M. Gregori, V. Cassina, D. Brogioli, D. Salerno, L. De Kimpe, W. Scheper, M. Masserini and F. Mantegazza “Stability of A (1-42) peptide fibrils as consequence of environmental modifications”. European Biophysics Journal, 39, 1613-1623, (2010)
    5. Tempestini A, Cassina V, Brogioli D, Ziano R, Erba S, Giovannoni R, Cerrito MG, Salerno D, Mantegazza F. “Magnetic tweezers measurements of the nanomechanical stability of DNA against denaturation at various conditions of pH and ionic strength”. Nucleic Acids Research, 41, 2009-2019, (2013)

    last update: January 2018

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