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foto-Cristina Bianchi-Dimet 150x150 Department and institution:Department of Health Sciences, School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Milano Bicocca
tel. +39 02 6448 8301
Curriculum Vitae
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Keywords: Renal Cell Carcinoma, Primary Cell Cultures, Diabetic Nephropathy, Tumor Metabolism, Renal Adult And Cancer Stem Cells

Research interests

    Tumor biochemistry and enzimology of solid and ascitic hepatomas and aging tissues; molecular biology of human oncogenes (study of Arg) and its role in cancer; molecular biology of Cx43, a Gap junction protein, during cellular aging; molecular evaluation of the minimal residual disease of haematological neoplasms (studies of BCR/ABL, PML/RAR and BCL1 and 2 gene rearrangements); establishment and characterization of primary cell culture from human renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and normal kidney, used to perform functional, molecular and metabolic studies aimed to understand the mechanisms responsible of both RCC and diabetic nephropathy development and progression; development of new experimental approaches for isolation and characterization of renal adult stem cells

    It has been acquired a large experience in using primary cell cultures as in vitro model for studying both neoplastic and chronic renal diseases. In particular, cellular, molecular, genomic, transcriptomic, proteomic and functional approaches have been combined to characterize at molecular and metabolic level the clear cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC) using primary cell cultures established from normal cortex and RCC tissues. In diabetic nephropathy contest, well-characterized human proximal and distal tubular primary cell cultures have been used to evaluate the phenotypic and molecular changes induced by high glucose treatment on these cells and on their potentially fibrogenic secreted cytokines. An experimental approach has also been developed for isolation and characterization of renal adult and cancer stem cells. All these studies aim to improve the knowledge of the molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible of these renal diseases and may be important to develop new targeted metabolic/molecular therapies and new approach in regenerative medicine.

Selected Recent Publications
  • Cristina, B., Chiara, M., Silvia, B., Vitalba Di Stefano, ., Francesco, S., Barbara, T., et al. (In corso di stampa).
    The glucose and lipid metabolism reprogramming is gradedependent in clear cell renal cell carcinoma primary cultures and is targetable to modulate cell viability and proliferation.

  • Bombelli, S., Meregalli, C., Scalia, C., Bovo, G., Torsello, B., De Marco, S., et al. (2018).
    Nephrosphere-Derived Cells are Induced to Multilineage Differentiation when Cultured on Human Decellularized Kidney Scaffolds.

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