Antonio Zaza - Full Professor

Antonio Zaza 150x150 Department and institution: Biotechnology and Biosciences Department, University of Milano Bicocca
tel. +39 02 6448 3307
Curriculum Vitae
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Keywords: Ion channels, excitation-contraction coupling, cardiac arrhythmias, calcium handling

Research interests

    Understanding molecular mechanisms underlying cardiac electrical instability and their relationship with malfunction of intracellular calcium-handling machinery. The research is relevant to the pathogenesis and pharmachology of cardiac arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death, particularly in the context of heart failure.

Current research projects

    - Role of the presistent Na current in myocardial ischemia. Internal project. Funded by Gilead (Freemont CA)
    - Mechanisms of arrhythmogenesis in genetic channellopathies. In collaboration with partners in Universities of Pavia, Munich, and Honk Kong. Funded by Telethon and PRIN projects
    - Pharmachological modulation of SERCA-PLN interaction. In collaboration with Maastrich University (NL) .Funded by CVie Therapeutics, Taiwan

Internal and external collaborators

Selected pubblications

    1. C. Altomare, C. Bartolucci, L. Sala, J. Bernardi, G. Mostacciuolo, M. Rocchetti, S. Severi, and A. Zaza. IKr Impact on Repolarization and Its Variability Assessed by Dynamic Clamp. Circ.Arrhythm.Electrophysiol. 8 (5):1265-1275, 2015.
    2. C. E. Clancy, Y. Chen-Izu, D. M. Bers, L. Belardinelli, P. A. Boyden, L. Csernoch, S. Despa, B. Fermini, L. C. Hool, L. Izu, R. S. Kass, W. J. Lederer, W. E. Louch, C. Maack, A. Matiazzi, Z. Qu, S. Rajamani, C. M. Rippinger, O. M. Sejersted, B. O'Rourke, J. N. Weiss, A. Varro, and A. Zaza. Deranged sodium to sudden death. J.Physiol 593 (6):1331-1345, 2015.
    3. A. Zaza and M. Rocchetti. Calcium store stability as an antiarrhythmic endpoint. Curr.Pharm.Des 21 (8):1053-1061, 2015.
    4. R. Rizzetto, M. Rocchetti, L. Sala, C. Ronchi, A. Villa, M. Ferrandi, I. Molinari, F. Bertuzzi, and A. Zaza. Late sodium current (INaL) in pancreatic beta-cells. Pflugers Arch. 467 (8):1757-1768, 2015.
    5. M. Rocchetti, L. Sala, R. Rizzetto, L. I. Staszewsky, M. Alemanni, V. Zambelli, I. Russo, L. Barile, L. Cornaghi, C. Altomare, C. Ronchi, G. Mostacciuolo, J. Lucchetti, M. Gobbi, R. Latini, and A. Zaza. Ranolazine prevents INaL enhancement and blunts myocardial remodelling in a model of pulmonary hypertension. Cardiovasc.Res. 104 (1):37-48, 2014.

Selected Recent Publications

  • Kayki Mutlu, G., Arioglu Inan, E., Karaomerlioglu, I., Altan, V., Yersal, N., Korkusuz, P., et al. (2018).
    Role of the β3-adrenergic receptor subtype in catecholamine-induced myocardial remodeling.

  • Ronchi, C., Torre, E., Rizzetto, R., Bernardi, J., Rocchetti, M., & Zaza, A. (2017).
    Late sodium current and intracellular ionic homeostasis in acute ischemia.

  • Rocchetti, M., Sala, L., Dreizehnter, L., Crotti, L., Sinnecker, D., Mura, M., et al. (2017).
    Elucidating arrhythmogenic mechanisms of long-QT syndrome CALM1-F142L mutation in patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cardiomyocytes.
    CARDIOVASCULAR RESEARCH, 113(5), 531-541.

  • Sala, L., Hegyi, B., Bartolucci, C., Altomare, C., Rocchetti, M., Váczi, K., et al. (2017).
    Action potential contour contributes to species differences in repolarization response to β-adrenergic stimulation.

  • Rusconi, F., Ceriotti, P., Miragoli, M., Carullo, P., Salvarani, N., Rocchetti, M., et al. (2016).
    Peptidomimetic Targeting of Cavβ2 Overcomes Dysregulation of the L-Type Calcium Channel Density and Recovers Cardiac Function.
    CIRCULATION, 134(7), 534-546.


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