• Salviati Lorenzo

    Salviati Lorenzo

    Project Title: Defining the transcriptional signature in the tumor microenvironment at single cell level resolution.

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  • Sampietro Marta

    Sampietro Marta

    Project Title: Unravelling HS1 protein role in normal and leukemic B cells.

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  • Santarelli Philina Anna

    Santarelli Philina Anna

    Project Title: Dissecting the role of heterochromatic conformation in age-related sarcopenia and frailty

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  • Santorelli Lucia

    Santorelli Lucia

    Project Title: "Proteomic analysis of urinary fractions to provide new insights into renal diseases"

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  • Santos De Oliveira Glenda

    Santos De Oliveira Glenda

    Project Title: Defining the molecular landscape of reparative cardiac progenitor cells by MS-imaging and advanced MS-proteomics approaches.

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  • Scagliotti Arianna

    Scagliotti Arianna

    Project Title: Biomarcatori in tumori solidi

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  • Serra Linda

    Serra Linda

    Project Title: "Functional genomics in mouse models and neural stem cells in vitro: analysis of the interactions of two disease genes in the development of…

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  • Sironi Francesca

    Sironi Francesca

    Project Title: "Immunotherapy by chimeric antigen receptors to target lymphoblastic leukemia"

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  • Sposito Benedetta

    Sposito Benedetta

    Project Title: Ruolo degli interferoni di tipo III nelle superinfezioni respiratorie.

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  • Stucchi Giulia

    Stucchi Giulia

    Project Title: Role of endogenous danger and exogenous microbial signals in the control of innate immune cell recruitment during infections.

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  • Taiarol Lorenzo

    Taiarol Lorenzo

    Project Title: Design and validation of advanced technologies for drug delivery in cancer immunotherapy.

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  • Timoteo Ferreira Filipa

    Timoteo Ferreira Filipa

    Project Title: Study of the molecular mechanism of Endothelial to Mesenchymal Transition during muscle regeneration and crosstalk with the immune system in vivo and in…

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  • Tomasoni Chiara

    Tomasoni Chiara

    Project Title: Studying normal and malignant human haematopoietic stem cell niche.

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  • Vadalà Rebecca

    Vadalà Rebecca

    Project Title: Epigenetic role of transposable elements in human T lymphocytes identity and plasticity

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  • Valache Mihai

    Valache Mihai

    Project Title: Meccanismi molecolari nella generazione del microambiente tumorale.

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  • Valsecchi Luigia

    Valsecchi Luigia

    Project Title: Analisi funzionale del riarrangiamento del gene KMT2A nella leucemia linfoblastica acuta infant.

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  • Vitulo Manuela

    Vitulo Manuela

    Project Title: Evaluation of the anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effect of recombinant ApoA-I Milano in the form of rice seeds in chronic inflammatory disorders.

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  • Zaninelli Silvia

    Zaninelli Silvia

    Project Title: Ottimizzazione della produzione di CAR-CIK per studi clinici.

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