• Alberti Gaia

    Alberti Gaia

    Project Title: Studying normal and malignant human hematopoiesis using an in vivo model of human bone marrow niche

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  • Alessia Potenza

    Alessia Potenza

    Project Title: Harnessing tumor microenvironment by genetic engineering

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  • Anna Ardissone

    Anna Ardissone

    Project Title: "Mitochondrial diseases related to mtDNA in childhood: genotype-phenotype correlation and characterization of novel phenotypes"

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  • Arianna Scagliotti

    Arianna Scagliotti

    Project Title: Biomarcatori in tumori solidi

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  • Aurora Magliocca

    Aurora Magliocca

    Project Title: Improving outcomes in a mouse model of cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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  • Beatrice Badone

    Beatrice Badone

    Project Title: "Pharmacological modulation of SERCA-phospholamban interaction in the heart"

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  • Beatrice Formicola

    Beatrice Formicola

    Project Title: "A nanomedicine approach for theranostic of central nervous system (CNS) diseases"

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  • Biondi Marta

    Biondi Marta

    Project Title: Targeting AML with bispecific CAR-T cells redirected against leukemia cells and the malignant niche

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  • Colombo Giulia

    Colombo Giulia

    Project Title: The Ascending Reticular Activating System in cortical excitability modulation: physiological features and implications in sleep-realted pathologies

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  • Cristiana Barone

    Cristiana Barone

    Project Title: Identification of the targets of the Sox2 trascription factor mediating its function in the maintenance of brain cancer stem cells.

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  • De Ponti Giada

    De Ponti Giada

    Project Title: Characterization of bone disease in mucopolysaccharidoses and study of neonatal therapy approaches in a MPS I mouse model

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  • Denti Vanna

    Denti Vanna

    Project Title: Integrated Mass Spectometry proteomic-based approaches: new frontiers in clinical diagnostics

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  • Doffini Anna

    Doffini Anna

    Project Title: Isolation and characterization of fetal cells for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases

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  • Elisabetta Mercuri

    Elisabetta Mercuri

    Project Title: "Gene correction of CD4oLG gene in Tcells and HSPC for the treatment of X-linked HIGM1"

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  • Emanuele Rezoagli

    Emanuele Rezoagli

    Project Title: "Prevention of Renal Injury by Nitric Oxide in Prolonged Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Double Blind Controlled Randomized Clinical Trial in Cardiac Surgical Patients with…

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  • Enrico Buglione

    Enrico Buglione

    Project Title: Single molecule techniques as innovative tool for nanomedicine drug design

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  • Federica Lucini

    Federica Lucini

    Project Title: "Role of nuclear architecture in cell differentiation"

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  • Francesca Sironi

    Francesca Sironi

    Project Title: "Immunotherapy by chimeric antigen receptors to target lymphoblastic leukemia"

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  • Gerussi Alessio

    Gerussi Alessio

    Project Title: Dissecting the genetic architecture of primary biliary cholangitis through the application of novel bioinformatics tools

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  • Giulia Cricrì

    Giulia Cricrì

    Project Title: Finding key players in leukemia-stroma crosstalk as targets for new treatments

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  • Gloria Bedini

    Gloria Bedini

    Project Title: Studio in vitro ed in vivo della nicchia midollare ottenuta da pazienti con leucemia linfoblastica acuta di tipo B

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  • Gloria Garoffolo

    Gloria Garoffolo

    Project Title: Implication of cell-based mechanosensing in setting and progression of vascular pathology

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  • Grasselli Chiara

    Grasselli Chiara

    Project Title: Biological conditions related to frailty and their effect on adult renal stem cells

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  • Irene Artuso

    Irene Artuso

    Project Title: Risposta immunitaria alle infezioni da candida

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  • Linda Serra

    Linda Serra

    Project Title: "Functional genomics in mouse models and neural stem cells in vitro: analysis of the interactions of two disease genes in the development of…

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  • Lucia Santorelli

    Lucia Santorelli

    Project Title: "Proteomic analysis of urinary fractions to provide new insights into renal diseases"

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  • Marc Florent Jacob Aurelien

    Marc Florent Jacob Aurelien

    Project Title: Improving targeted gene editing in hematopoietic stem cells for clinical translation

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  • Mariia Ivanova

    Mariia Ivanova

    Project Title: "Mass-spectrometry analysis in glomerulonephritis"

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  • Murano Carmen

    Murano Carmen

    Project Title: Le Canalopatie tra le patologie legate al sistema nervoso

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  • Paolo Del Vecchio

    Paolo Del Vecchio

    Project Title: Preclinical models and therapeutic strategies fot Ventilatory Induced Dyaphragmatic Dysfunction

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  • Pulvirenti Nadia

    Pulvirenti Nadia

    Project Title: Suppression of pathogenic: T cell responses by type 1 regulatory T-cells in multiple sclerosis

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  • Ricci Raffaele

    Ricci Raffaele

    Project Title: Generation of human neuronal models of Dravet Syndrome

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  • Rosti Valentina

    Rosti Valentina

    Project Title: Dissecting the role of heterochromatic conformation in cancer

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  • Saitta Claudia

    Saitta Claudia

    Project Title: Genomic Profiling of Myeloid Malignancies and development of Precision Medicine Strategies Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

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  • Santarelli Philina Anna

    Santarelli Philina Anna

    Project Title: Dissecting the role of heterochromatic conformation in age-related sarcopenia and frailty

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  • Sara Penna

    Sara Penna

    Project Title: Lentiviral-mediated gene transfer of TCIRG1 to correct osteoclast function in autosomal recessive osteopetrosis.

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  • Sofia De Marco

    Sofia De Marco

    Project Title: "Non-receptor tyrosine kinase Arg in clear renal cell carcinoma"

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  • Vadalà Rebecca

    Vadalà Rebecca

    Project Title: Epigenetic role of transposable elements in human T lymphocytes identity and plasticity

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  • Valentina Granata

    Valentina Granata

    Project Title: "Exploring the potential of the hematopoietic stem cell niche using a novel in vivo model"

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