• Alessandra Fasciani

    Alessandra Fasciani

    Project Title: Epigenetic Mechanisms in Cancer Stem Cells

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  • Alessia Catania

    Alessia Catania

    Project Title: Characterization of disease genes causing neurodegenerative phenotypes

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  • Alice Cortesi

    Alice Cortesi

    Project Title: Epigenetic role of DNA repetitive elements in skeletal myogenesis and FSHD manifestation

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  • Andrew Smith

    Andrew Smith

    Project Title: MALDI-MSI in the study of glomeurlonephritis: Possible molecular indicators of CKD progression

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  • Anna Binda

    Anna Binda

    Project Title: Studio elettrofisiologico di mutazioni geniche coinvolte in canalopatie

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  • Anna Giovenzana

    Anna Giovenzana

    Project Title: Study of molecular pathways involved in the pathogenesis of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva and new therapeutic approches

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  • Anna Montagna

    Anna Montagna

    Project Title:

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  • Aurora Coatti

    Aurora Coatti

    Project Title: Ruolo dei sistemi colinergico ed ipocretinergico nella corteccia prefrontale ed implicazione in patologie legate al sonno.

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  • Chiara Meregalli

    Chiara Meregalli

    Project Title: Study of the transcriptomic profile of multipotent renal PKHhigh cells, isolated from human nephrospheres, for the identification of a renal stem signature and…

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  • Clara Mancuso

    Clara Mancuso

    Project Title: Effect of food nanoparticles on the development of celiac disease

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  • Claudia Barzago

    Claudia Barzago

    Project Title:

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  • Cristina Corbetta

    Cristina Corbetta

    Project Title: T cell therapy in preclinical models of malignant glioma

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  • Diego Farinello

    Diego Farinello

    Project Title: A retinoic acid-dependent cross-talk sustains CXCL13 expression, stromal remodeling and disease progression in a mouse model of chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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  • Diletta Fontana

    Diletta Fontana

    Project Title: Characterization of the biological role of ETNK1 in atypical Chronic Myeloid Leukemia

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  • Donatella Bardelli

    Donatella Bardelli

    Project Title: Role of the human hematopoietic niche in inducing and supporting Myelodysplastic Syndrome and/or leukaemia evolution in Shwachman-Diamond Syndrome patients

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  • Elisa Chisci

    Elisa Chisci

    Project Title: Study of the protective role of a combination of human genes against ischemia-reperfusion injury in in vitro and in vivo models

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  • Emanuela Bottani

    Emanuela Bottani

    Project Title: Proteomic studies of mitochondrial supramolecular complexes to elucidate the role of mitochondrial proteins

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  • Emanuela  Bottani

    Emanuela Bottani

    Project Title: Proteomic studies of mitochondrial supramolecular complexes to elucidate the role of mitochondrial proteins

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  • Federica Dellera

    Federica Dellera

    Project Title: Characterization of microRNA functional role in cholesterol metabolism and in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis

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  • Federica Giordano

    Federica Giordano

    Project Title: Studio di marcatori teranostici nel carcinoma del polmone (NSCLC)

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  • Federica Portale

    Federica Portale

    Project Title: Ricerca di nuove molecole solubili coinvolte nel crosstalk tra MSC e blasto di BCP-ALL

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  • Filippo Zeni

    Filippo Zeni

    Project Title: Role of RAGE in cardiac aging

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  • Francesco Villa

    Francesco Villa

    Project Title:

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  • Gabriele Romano

    Gabriele Romano

    Project Title:

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  • Geeta  Sharma

    Geeta Sharma

    Project Title:

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  • Giuseppe Gritti

    Giuseppe Gritti

    Project Title: Preclinical study on the activity of L-Asparaginase in T-cell non-Hodgkin Lymphoma

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  • Giuseppe Morabito

    Giuseppe Morabito

    Project Title: Direct neuronal reprogramming for disease modelling and cell therapy in neurodegenerative disorders

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  • Giuseppina  Mastrototaro

    Giuseppina Mastrototaro

    Project Title: Discovering Palladin in cardiac and skeletal muscle: function and pathological role of an unknown player

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  • Ilaria Marina Michelozzi

    Ilaria Marina Michelozzi

    Project Title: Caratterizzazione di cellule stromali mesenchimali isolate da midollo osseo di pazienti con anemia aplastica e sviluppo di un modello in vivo di nicchia…

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  • Jolanda Sarno

    Jolanda Sarno

    Project Title:

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  • Joyce Bernardi

    Joyce Bernardi

    Project Title: Fisiopatologia delle aritmie

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  • Laura Gornati

    Laura Gornati

    Project Title: Role of the NFAT signaling in innate immunity

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  • Laura Monza

    Laura Monza

    Project Title: Modelli in vitro ed effetti neuropatici dell’oxaliplatino

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  • Linda Beneforti

    Linda Beneforti

    Project Title: Understanding pivotal mechanisms sustaining TEL/AML1+ cells through an innovative in vivo model of humanized pre-leukemic niche

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  • Ludovica Santi

    Ludovica Santi

    Project Title: Comprehension of bone disease in mucopolysaccharidoses through the characterization of patient-derived stem cells and the study of a panel of bone remodeling markers

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  • Manuel Galli

    Manuel Galli

    Project Title: Bioinformatic and biostatistical analysis of mass spectrometric data in clinical proteomics

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  • Maria Caterina Rotiroti

    Maria Caterina Rotiroti

    Project Title: Characterization of Chimeric Antigen Receptors (CARs) as a potential tool for the treatment of haematological malignancies

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  • Maria Rebecca Azario Isabella

    Maria Rebecca Azario Isabella

    Project Title: "Neonatal transplantation of cord blood as a new therapeutic option for Mucopolysaccharidosis type I in the murine model"

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  • Mario Tirone

    Mario Tirone

    Project Title: Cross talk tra progenitori vascolari e sistema immunitario innato nella rigenerazione muscolare

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  • Martina Stella

    Martina Stella

    Project Title: Indicator of growth rate and progression for the active surveillance of small renal masses by proteomic approaches

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  • Michela Comi

    Michela Comi

    Project Title: Unraveling the fingerprinting of HLA-G expressing tolerogenic dendritic cells (DC-10) and their in vivo mode of action

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  • Michela Rusconi

    Michela Rusconi

    Project Title: Activation state and functionality of dendritic cells from peripheral blood of Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis patients

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  • Miriam Pagin

    Miriam Pagin

    Project Title: Geni malattia regolati dal fattore trascrizionale Sox2 nello sviluppo del cervello

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  • Miryam Carecchio

    Miryam Carecchio

    Project Title: Heredodegenerative paediatric movement disorders: phenotypes delineation and identification of new phenotypes

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  • Monica Ievolella

    Monica Ievolella

    Project Title: Investigating KRAB/KAP1-mediated epigenetic control of differentiation and function of the adaptive immune system

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  • Nice Turazzi

    Nice Turazzi

    Project Title: Utilizzo di recettori chimerici per la terapia delle leucemie infantili

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  • Pietro Giuseppe Mazzara

    Pietro Giuseppe Mazzara

    Project Title: New protocols for in vitro differentiation of human iPSCs for disease modelling and cell therapy

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  • Sara Gibertini

    Sara Gibertini

    Project Title

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  • Sarah-Marie Cox Alysia

    Sarah-Marie Cox Alysia

    Project Title: Design, synthesis, and functionalisation of nanoparticles that cross the blood brain barrier to treat neurodegenerative disease, including Alzheimers Disease.

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  • Silvia Picciolini

    Silvia Picciolini

    Project Title: Role of exosomes in pathogenesis and diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease

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  • Simona Mancini

    Simona Mancini

    Project Title: Nanoparticles for the treatment of Alzheimer's Disease

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  • Simone Brivio

    Simone Brivio

    Project Title: Innate immunity and tumor-stroma interactions in congenital and neoplastic cholangiopathies

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  • Simone Brusco

    Simone Brusco

    Project Title: Heteromeric Nicotinic Receptors in brain development and implications for sleep-related epilepsy

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  • Stefano Bestetti

    Stefano Bestetti

    Project Title: Redox homeostasis in the multiple myeloma niche

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  • Valentina Poli

    Valentina Poli

    Project Title: Studio delle funzioni proapoptotiche di farmaci antiparassitari e del loro possibile utilizzo in vivo nel trattamento del mieloma multiplo

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  • Valeria Corlianò

    Valeria Corlianò

    Project Title: Inflammation in neurodegeneration and aging

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  • Vittoria Di Mauro

    Vittoria Di Mauro

    Project Title: Wnt pathway controls DNMT3B transcription via nuclear re-localization of miR-133

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  • William Santus

    William Santus

    Project Title: Innate immune response to microbial infection

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