• Acunzo Denise

    Acunzo Denise

    Project Title: Oncogene induced senescence in ETV6/RUN X1 Pre-leukemia: Role and Targeting.

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  • Alberti Gaia

    Alberti Gaia

    Project Title: Studying normal and malignant human hematopoiesis using an in vivo model of human bone marrow niche

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  • Alonso Rubido Sandra

    Alonso Rubido Sandra

    Project Title: Developing tools to study epigenomics in MLL-rearranged AML.

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  • Ardissone Anna

    Ardissone Anna

    Project Title: "Mitochondrial diseases related to mtDNA in childhood: genotype-phenotype correlation and characterization of novel phenotypes"

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  • Artuso Irene

    Artuso Irene

    Project Title: Risposta immunitaria alle infezioni da candida

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  • Badone Beatrice

    Badone Beatrice

    Project Title: "Pharmacological modulation of SERCA-phospholamban interaction in the heart"

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  • Barone Cristiana

    Barone Cristiana

    Project Title: Identification of the targets of the Sox2 trascription factor mediating its function in the maintenance of brain cancer stem cells.

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  • Bedini Gloria

    Bedini Gloria

    Project Title: Studio in vitro ed in vivo della nicchia midollare ottenuta da pazienti con leucemia linfoblastica acuta di tipo B

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  • Bertagna Mayla

    Bertagna Mayla

    Project Title: Unraveling the mechanisms sustaining the TEL/AML1 positive pre-leukemic cell.

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  • Bettini Laura Rachele

    Bettini Laura Rachele

    Project Title: Predisposizione genetica alla Leucemia Linfoblastica Acuta pediatrica.

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  • Biondi Marta

    Biondi Marta

    Project Title: Targeting AML with bispecific CAR-T cells redirected against leukemia cells and the malignant niche

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  • Bolognesi Maddalena Maria

    Bolognesi Maddalena Maria

    Project Title: Analisi tissutali contestuali ad alta densità in infiammazione, riparo e trasformazione. Tissue-based high-dimensional landscaping in inflammation, repair and transformation.

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  • Brandas Chiara

    Brandas Chiara

    Project Title: Dissection of immune disregulation in RAG deficiency and development of novel gene correction strategies.

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  • Buglione Enrico

    Buglione Enrico

    Project Title: Single molecule techniques as innovative tool for nanomedicine drug design

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  • Capelletti Martina Maria

    Capelletti Martina Maria

    Project Title: Iron as nutrient and potential toxic element in different pathological disorders.

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  • Casirati Gabriele

    Casirati Gabriele

    Project Title: Increase safety and efficacy of cancer adoptive immunotherapy

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  • Cattaneo Irene

    Cattaneo Irene

    Project Title: Sviluppo e caratterizzazione di un nuovo anticorpo bispecifico diretto contro il BCMA (CD269) per il trattamento del mieloma multiplo.

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  • Cavaliere Andrea

    Cavaliere Andrea

    Project Title: Retinal ganglion cells and organoids from inherited optic neuropathies: light on pathogenesis to fight blindness.

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  • Colombo Giulia

    Colombo Giulia

    Project Title: The Ascending Reticular Activating System in cortical excitability modulation: physiological features and implications in sleep-realted pathologies

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  • Crespiatico Ilaria

    Crespiatico Ilaria

    Project Title: Characterization of the somatic and germline mutation landscape of Triple Negative Myeloproliferative Neoplasms

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  • Cricrì Giulia

    Cricrì Giulia

    Project Title: Finding key players in leukemia-stroma crosstalk as targets for new treatments

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  • Crippa Valentina

    Crippa Valentina

    Project Title: Phosphoethanolamine as a molecular breaker for hyperactive mitochondria in hematologic malignancies.

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  • De Marco Sofia

    De Marco Sofia

    Project Title: "Non-receptor tyrosine kinase Arg in clear renal cell carcinoma"

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  • De Ponti Giada

    De Ponti Giada

    Project Title: Characterization of bone disease in mucopolysaccharidoses and study of neonatal therapy approaches in a MPS I mouse model

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  • Del Vecchio Paolo

    Del Vecchio Paolo

    Project Title: Preclinical models and therapeutic strategies fot Ventilatory Induced Dyaphragmatic Dysfunction

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  • Denti Vanna

    Denti Vanna

    Project Title: Integrated Mass Spectometry proteomic-based approaches: new frontiers in clinical diagnostics

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  • Di Fenza Raffaele

    Di Fenza Raffaele

    Project Title: Inhaled Nitric Oxide Gas Beyond Vasodilation.

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  • Di Marzo Noemi

    Di Marzo Noemi

    Project Title: Finding key players in leukemia-stroma crosstalk as targets for new treatments in childhood B Cell Precursor Acute Lyphoblastic Leukemia (BCP-ALL)

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  • Di Patrizio Soldateschi Emanuele

    Di Patrizio Soldateschi Emanuele

    Project Title: Study of chromatin accessibility in health and disease.

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  • Doffini Anna

    Doffini Anna

    Project Title: Isolation and characterization of fetal cells for non-invasive prenatal diagnosis of genetic diseases

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  • Fallati Alessandra

    Fallati Alessandra

    Project Title: Ruolo di ActivinA nella nicchia midollare nella Leucemia.

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  • Favalli Andrea

    Favalli Andrea

    Project Title: Circulating tumor-derived T lymphocytes (CTDL) from patients' blood: role in the response to cancer immunotherapy and disease course.

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  • Formicola Beatrice

    Formicola Beatrice

    Project Title: "A nanomedicine approach for theranostic of central nervous system (CNS) diseases"

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  • Gamberale Riccardo

    Gamberale Riccardo

    Project Title: Cellular and Molecular characterization of the infiltrating polarized MPs during the onset of heterotopic ossification (HO) in a mouse model of Fibrodysplasia Ossificans…

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  • Garoffolo Gloria

    Garoffolo Gloria

    Project Title: Implication of cell-based mechanosensing in setting and progression of vascular pathology

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  • Gerussi Alessio

    Gerussi Alessio

    Project Title: Dissecting the genetic architecture of primary biliary cholangitis through the application of novel bioinformatics tools

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  • Gervasoni Clarissa

    Gervasoni Clarissa

    Project Title: Analysis of the molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the impaired angiogenic ability of mesenchymal stromal cells derived from Shwachman-Diamond syndrome patients.

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  • Gnodi Elisa

    Gnodi Elisa

    Project Title: Mechanisms of immune regulation in Celiac Disease.

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  • Granata Valentina

    Granata Valentina

    Project Title: "Exploring the potential of the hematopoietic stem cell niche using a novel in vivo model"

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  • Grasselli Chiara

    Grasselli Chiara

    Project Title: Biological conditions related to frailty and their effect on adult renal stem cells.

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  • Ivanova Mariia

    Ivanova Mariia

    Project Title: "Mass-spectrometry analysis in glomerulonephritis"

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  • Jacob Aurelien Marc Florent

    Jacob Aurelien Marc Florent

    Project Title: Improving targeted gene editing in hematopoietic stem cells for clinical translation

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  • Labedz Agata

    Labedz Agata

    Project Title: Role of the transcription factor COUP-TFII in early erythropoiesis.

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  • Licari Eugenia

    Licari Eugenia

    Project Title: Analysis of Activin-A's role in the BCP-ALL nich.

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  • Lucini Federica

    Lucini Federica

    Project Title: "Role of nuclear architecture in cell differentiation"

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  • Magliocca Aurora

    Magliocca Aurora

    Project Title: Improving outcomes in a mouse model of cardiac arrest and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

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  • Martorana Francesca

    Martorana Francesca

    Project Title: Ruolo della neuroinfiammazione nella disfunzione mitocondriale e metabolica in modelli animali ed in-vitro di Parkinson.

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  • Mercuri Elisabetta

    Mercuri Elisabetta

    Project Title: "Gene correction of CD4oLG gene in Tcells and HSPC for the treatment of X-linked HIGM1"

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  • Moretti Alex

    Moretti Alex

    Project Title: Engineered CAR T cells for efficient multi targeting of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia: preventing immune evasion and post-CAR T relapses.

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  • Murano Carmen

    Murano Carmen

    Project Title: Le Canalopatie tra le patologie legate al sistema nervoso

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  • Oikonomou Athanasios

    Oikonomou Athanasios

    Project Title: Modeling target treatment of high-risk childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

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  • Orsenigo Federica

    Orsenigo Federica

    Project Title: Caratterizzazione degli effetti dei recettori delle citochine uneage-specifici sulle cellule dendritiche derivate da monociti umani.

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  • Penna Sara

    Penna Sara

    Project Title: Lentiviral-mediated gene transfer of TCIRG1 to correct osteoclast function in autosomal recessive osteopetrosis.

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  • Pinzi Valentina

    Pinzi Valentina

    Project Title: Radiotherapy and immunotherapy combination for brain tumour and the potential role of focus ultrasound as enhancer: discovering a cutting-edge treatment of the future.

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  • Pitsillidou Christina

    Pitsillidou Christina

    Project Title: TBA

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  • Polimeni Benedetto

    Polimeni Benedetto

    Project Title: Transcriptional and epigenetic regulation of immune cells mediated by transposable elements in human health and cancer.

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  • Ponzo Marianna

    Ponzo Marianna

    Project Title: Combinatorial antigen targeting of B-cell neoplasms by engineered CART cells.

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  • Potenza Alessia

    Potenza Alessia

    Project Title: Harnessing tumor microenvironment by genetic engineering

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  • Protti Giulia

    Protti Giulia

    Project Title: Studio delle sottopopolazioni di cellule dendritiche umane in diverse condizioni infiammatorie mediante analisi trascrizionale su singola cellula.

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  • Pulvirenti Nadia

    Pulvirenti Nadia

    Project Title: Suppression of pathogenic: T cell responses by type 1 regulatory T-cells in multiple sclerosis

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  • Quadri Manuel

    Quadri Manuel

    Project Title: Targeting genetically defined high risk subgroups of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Sviluppo di terapie innovative contro bersagli molecolari in sottogruppi di Leucemia Acuta…

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  • Raggi Laura

    Raggi Laura

    Project Title: Targeting of the altered interactions between hematopoietic stem cells and the bone marrow niche in beta-thalassemia.

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  • Rambaldi Benedetta

    Rambaldi Benedetta

    Project Title: Define the role of CD6 in modulating T cell response.

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  • Rezoagli Emanuele

    Rezoagli Emanuele

    Project Title: "Prevention of Renal Injury by Nitric Oxide in Prolonged Cardiopulmonary Bypass: A Double Blind Controlled Randomized Clinical Trial in Cardiac Surgical Patients with…

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  • Ricci Raffaele

    Ricci Raffaele

    Project Title: Generation of human neuronal models of Dravet Syndrome

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  • Riva Elena

    Riva Elena

    Project Title: Study of immunological escape mechanisms in myeloid leukemia.

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  • Rosti Valentina

    Rosti Valentina

    Project Title: Dissecting the role of heterochromatic conformation in cancer

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  • Saitta Claudia

    Saitta Claudia

    Project Title: Genomic Profiling of Myeloid Malignancies and development of Precision Medicine Strategies Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms

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  • Salmoiraghi Silvia

    Salmoiraghi Silvia

    Project Title: Next Generation Sequencing of Myelofibrosis in patients undergoing Allogenic Stem Cell Transplantation: Role of mutations in High Molecular Risk (HMR) genes on clinical…

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