The Ph.D. Program in Translational and Molecular Medicine (Dimet) is an inter-departmental project organized by the Doctorate School of Milano-Bicocca University that gathers all the PhD programs.

Dimet represents a comprehensive answer to a cultural challenge focused on the recent advances and success of the bio-medical research area and on the resulting modern technological applications. The post-genomic era is leading to a revolution in the understanding of human diseases and in the designing of the related therapies. However, the possibility of elucidating cellular and molecular mechanisms that regulate complex systems needs a deeply interaction between basic and applied research. This requires the formation of “translational” professional profiles with a robust background in basic research, but also equipped to bridge the gap between bench and clinical investigation. Such skills are crucial in orienting basic research to efficiently meet current diagnostic and therapeutic needs. Dimet also addresses the increasing demand for new models of European academic training able to cope with the current trend of teaching and research internationalization.
The Dimet project is in line with the indications of the EU Horizon 2020 Program, which provides new important instruments in the field of Bio-Medicine research....


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Ph.D. Program in Translational and Molecular Medicine