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The Ph.D. Program in Translational and Molecular Medicine (DIMET) is an inter-departmental project organized by the University of Milano Bicocca. DIMET represents our answer to a cultural challenge focused on the recent advances and success of the bio-medical research area and on the resulting applications that derive from the recent sequencing of complex genomes such as the human and mouse. The post-genomic era will lead to a revolution in the understanding of human diseases and their treatments. However, the possibility of elucidating the genetic and molecular mechanisms that regulate complex systems such as the central nervous system or the immune system requires an increasing interaction between basic and applied research and the creation of new professional profiles in translational medicine field, with the capability of rapidly transferring new knowledge from basic science to bio-medicine, in order to generate new advanced diagnostic and therapeutical applications.
DIMET addresses the increasing demand for new models of european academic training able to cope with the trend of internationalization of teaching and research. The DIMET project is also in line with the indications of the EU Sixth Framework Program which provides, through the actions of the M. Curie program, new instruments in the field of Bio-Medicine.

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